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Tereza Hambarchian, DDS -  - Dentist

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Tereza Hambarchian, DDS

Dentist located in Glendale, CA

Patients from throughout Los Angeles, CA can have their cavities treated with a variety of filling treatments which can fix the tooth and offer durable, natural-looking results. Dr. Hambarchian at ProDent Care in Glendale, CA helps her patients to choose the best option for their individual filling needs.

Fillings Q & A

What is a Filling?

A filling is used to correct a tooth which has been harmed by decay and has a cavity. These fillings return the tooth to normal function and shape. When used, the dentist will first eliminate any decay and clean away affected tooth material. Next, the cleaned out cavity will be filled with one of the available materials. A filling also helps to prevent additional decay.

What Types of Fillings Are Available?

The type of filling which is suitable for a person will depend on the degree of damage, whether the individual has allergies to specific substances, where the cavity is located in the mouth, and the cost of the material. The materials used include:

  • Silver Amalgam: These can resist wear and are comparatively economical. However, they are more conspicuous and are not normally utilized in noticeable areas like the front teeth. The amalgam filling can be made of an alloy of silver, mercury, tin, copper, and very infrequently - zinc.
  • Composite resins: These fillings can be color-matched to teeth and are used when a natural appearance is important. Composites might not be best for sizeable fillings since they can chip and wear after a while. They can also stain and typically last around 3 to 10 years.
  • Gold fillings and inlays: These are well tolerated by gums and can last 20 years or longer. Several experts believe gold is the best filling substance. It is also typically the most expensive and requires several visits to a dentist.

Are tooth-colored fillings better than metal fillings?

One of the most obvious advantages of tooth-colored fillings is that they're virtually invisible to anyone but your dentist, so you can feel confident about the way your teeth look even after a large restoration. Another major advantage of tooth-colored fillings is that they don't contain any mercury, which is a primary component of metal amalgam fillings. That means there's no risk of mercury leaching out of the fillings over time. Additionally, resin fillings are designed to bond more firmly to the tooth surface, helping to prevent decay-causing bacteria from seeping in around the filling edges to help prevent cavities from forming around or under the filling.

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